When the website that will allow you to submit your questions for the quiz will be online, this page will redirect there.

Our project involves a global cooperation to recover all the lost pieces of the scattered Ingress knowledge. To help gather all the answers (and questions) a web application will be available to all agents across the world. Through this web applications agents will be able to submit a question (and 4 possible answers) to include in our quiz. An preview of the web application (still in development) can be seen below.

Capture d'écran première version du site

To add a question, the user will need to log in on our website via Google+ or Telegram. Once he has correctly filled the form (one question and four answers), the question will be on hold for a validation by a team of Ingress experts. The user will get a notification (Telegram or Gmail) if his question has been accepted, modified then accepted, or refused. The questions won’t be available publicly before the end of the Magnus event. First we will uses them for our portal, then we will publish the quiz on the website so everyone can test their Ingress knowledge. The link to add questions to our database will be available here when the website will be ready to be published.