The Project

Ingress Omniscience is an international cross-faction project initiated by French and Swiss Ingress agents for the Osiris Epiphany Night event at Schloss Kaltenberg in Germany.

Ingress Omniscience Logo


The Ingress knowledge has been scattered across the portal network, we need the Omniscience project to help put it all back together. This project is an interactive portal integrating a quiz about the Ingress game and lore. Players will be able to compete in a quiz based on multiple choices questions to find all the answers and finally reconstitute all the Ingress knowledge.

The project will involve the collaboration of all agents across the portal network to help find all the pieces of the Ingress knowledge and the agents at the Magnus Camp in Kaltenberg Schloss to assembling it.

The Portal

Omniscience Portal

The portal is a hexagon shaped wooden pylon, that will stand on a squared base. 3 of its faces will be made out of wood, and the 3 others of stretched fabric.

On one of the wooden faces, there will be a screen displaying the quiz, 10 questions submitted in advance by other players on our website. In front of this one, a game table with arcade buttons will be installed, allowing 2 players competing each other. The portal will be decorated with 3D-Printed resonators enlightened with the color of the actual resonators deployed on the portal.

Omniscience Labs

Help us gathering Ingress knowledge by expanding our question database. Submit your question about the game, its history, lore, characters, events, etc.

Capture omniscience add a question

Omniscience Banners

Omniscience banner


Help the Omniscience Team to to promote their project and the Ingress knowledge in general by completing a 6 mission banner in one one of the city where it is available (more than 25 around the world at the moment).

Check the Map or Ingress Mosaik to see if there is on available in your area.

Would you like to submit your own Project Omniscience banner in your city ? Then follow this guide :

Social Networks

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Please tag us in your publications or use the hashtag #IngressOmniscience


Swag Pack Omniscience biocards and patch

Here’s our beautiful cross-faction Omniscience themed swag : :

  • Team Omniscience Biocard :     2,10 EUR
  • Ingress Omniscience Wristband :     2,50 EUR
  • Epiphany Night Drinkgress Patch :     5,5 EUR
  • Swag Pack Ingress Omniscience (all of the above + our promotional biocard) :    9,20 EUR
  • Omniscience Biocards Pack:     7,5 EUR

All the profit made by the sales of the swag will be used in order the expenses related to the Project Omniscience. Our cross-faction team is using the AJSI shop to sell their swag, but all the money from the sales of the Omniscience swag will go to our project.

Thank you for your support ! We hope to meet you all at Kaltenberg Schloss.